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Formentera (Spain)

27 Jul

Hi everyone!

Here in Italy the weather has been acting strange. It’s usually really hot by this time of the year, but it’s raining today! So, I just wanted to upload a few photos from last year’s summer vacation.

Formentera has beautiful beaches. During August, Formentera gets really crowded, but if you can travel in late September, then you’ll actually have the entire island just for you. There’s only one main road that travels around the island, and it’s used by both locals and tourist to move around (that’s why I suggest going in late September).  We decided to rent some bikes to “explore” the island and the different beaches. The most beautiful ones are usually taken by nudists, so if this doesn’t bother you, then you can relax in one of the crystal clear beaches.

Formentera es muy bonita. One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen !

Hope you have a wonderful day !

Que tengan un muy lindo día !


Short and Effective Workouts

26 Jul

Hi there!

Just wanted to share something I think you might like if you’re into fitness and taking care of your body. I recently discovered a website with many short and effective workouts (12 minutes or less) called I personally find it hard to stay motivated and be consistent when it comes to working out, but these short workouts have kept me interested so far.

Although I’ve been doing them for only a month, I’ve already seen results especially in my mid section, butt and legs. These are intense workouts that anyone can follow by tweaking them to your level (there are variations for beginners as well). I have to tweak them every now and then because I don’t have the proper stamina for the more intense workouts yet.

Since many of us spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer, I though these short workouts could be a great way to better our posture, health and improve our bodies (as well as reducing our stress). So I hope you can actually enjoy ’em.

This is the site:

Hope you have a wonderful day !

Que tenga un muy lindo día !

Frankfurt (Germany)

25 Jul

Hi everyone!

Last year, we had the opportunity to visit Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the seat of the European Central Bank, and therefore most people consider it to be more of a financial city rather than a tourist attraction. Throughout the financial district, you can see many symbols that represent the city’s status (bear and bull ro represent the market, and the euro symbol).

Although there are several skyscrapers, Frankfurt also offers other interesting sights that have nothing to do with the city’s financial activities. The typical German architecture, cozy restaurants, small shops, and stylish bars were a few things that we found to be very interesting (as well as the different ethnicities that have chosen Frankfurt as their second home). You just have to allow yourself to get lost for a few hours and explore the “unknown”. And if you ever feel like you’re totally lost, then you can catch the subway that will take you back to the city’s centre.

I would say Frankfurt is a city that entertains without pretending to be anything extravagant, which we really appreciated, for it allowed us to relax. I think Frankfurt is a great option for a weekend escape.

And whatever you decide to do, always remember to have fun while doing it !

Have a great day!

Que tengan un muy lindo día !

Milan (Italy)

22 Jul

I’m currently living in a small town called Bergamo. The good thing about living in Bergamo is that it allows us to escape from our hectic routines and just relax and enjoy the scenery. The other good thing is that we live near the train station; therefore we can take a one-hour train to the famous and stylish MILAN.

Milan is a city that you either love it or hate it, and there’s nothing in between. Even though to many it may seem as a big metropolis, it is actually a small city with lots of people, cars and shops.

I personally love Milan, but dislike the city’s traffic and gray skies due to the great amount of pollution.

These photos were taken by my brother about a month ago, when he came to visit us. I like these photos because my brother was lucky to capture a rare and beautiful blue sky. I promess I’ll upload more pictures in the following days !

Have a wonderful day!

Que tengan un muy lindo día !

Côte d’Azur (France)

19 Jul

These are a few photos we took on our last trip to France (Antibes, Nice, Monaco – Monte Carlo, Cannes). Even though the distance from one town to the next is very short, the scenery and architecture is very different. The only thing in common between all these small towns is the beautiful blue ocean.

I’ll let the images do the talking.

P.S. Whenever I feel kind of down, I look at these pictures and start day dreaming. I also like to read other travel and food blogs that I find to be nurturing. And then, all of a sudden, everything seems slightly better.

Hope you have a wonderful day !

Espero que disfruten de las imágenes y que les ayuden a viajar y volar con la imaginación. Que tengan un muy lindo día !


14 Jul

I just wanted to introduce myself to all my neighbours. I’ll be posting my interests and stuff I like like traveling, food and fashion. Hope you enjoy reading my blog. Have a wonderful day !

Que tal ! Quería solo presentarme como la nueva vecina. Compartiré con ustedes algunas cosas que considero interesantes como viajes, comida y algunas “cosillas” de moda. Espero que les agrade mi blog. Que tengan un muy buen día !

Me !