Short and Effective Workouts

26 Jul

Hi there!

Just wanted to share something I think you might like if you’re into fitness and taking care of your body. I recently discovered a website with many short and effective workouts (12 minutes or less) called I personally find it hard to stay motivated and be consistent when it comes to working out, but these short workouts have kept me interested so far.

Although I’ve been doing them for only a month, I’ve already seen results especially in my mid section, butt and legs. These are intense workouts that anyone can follow by tweaking them to your level (there are variations for beginners as well). I have to tweak them every now and then because I don’t have the proper stamina for the more intense workouts yet.

Since many of us spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer, I though these short workouts could be a great way to better our posture, health and improve our bodies (as well as reducing our stress). So I hope you can actually enjoy ’em.

This is the site:

Hope you have a wonderful day !

Que tenga un muy lindo día !


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