Next Stop

7 Aug


So, my next adventure takes me to Croatia. I’ve heard both positive and “less than positive” (no negative) comments about traveling to Croatia during this month. Some people say that it’s beautiful regardless of the many crowds, the beaches are breathtaking, and you eat pretty well for a few bucks.

Others tell us to avoid the northern part of the country, for it is very crowded with tourists and therefore, local businesses tend to charge much higher prices (many hotels won’t even allow you to reserve unless you plan on staying for an entire week) and everything is usually fully booked.

We’ll still give it a shot and we’re planning on moving all the way to Zadar or Split (by bus), maybe visit a few islands (by ferry or boat) and then return to Rijeka (our starting point). We would also love to visit Slovenia (it’s next to Croatia), but that will “completely” depend on how many euros we’re left with, LOL!

If you’ve been to either country, could you share some tips with me?? 🙂

As always, hope you have a wonderful day !

Y como siempre, espero que tengan un muy lindo día !


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