Eat, Learn, Move

21 Aug


Recently I stumbled upon a video that I really liked called “Move“. I later found out that these were a series of three videos commissioned by the travel agency STA Travel (Eat, Learn and Move).

I usually don’t really like stuff that companies promote for their own profit, but whenever they do things the right way, I’m always behind them. I think it’s the way you do things that really makes the difference. I find these videos (specially the move video), to be kind of inspiring. Whatever propels you to move, discover and learn new things deserves some credit, don’t you think?

By the way, I remember an STA Travel agency located within the SDSU (San Diego State University) premisses. They always had good offers for students thinking of traveling/studying abroad. I don’t know if they are still around that area, though. I usually use websites such as OrbitzSkyscanner and Cheapoair to search for my tickets (Milan, Italy – San Diego, USA) Do you know another good site?

Have a great sunday !

Que tengan un excelente domingo !


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