Lovely San Sebastian (Spain)

25 Aug

These are a few photos from San Sebastian. I have to admit that before visiting this lovely city, I knew very little about San Sebastian and its history. People call it the Spanish Switzerland because everything is so perfect and clean. You can see different architectural designs in one square, from the  modern and minimalist apartments to the historical and antique buildings that represent the city and its history.

This city is considered to be the richest city in Spain. Wages are much higher than in any other part of the country, therefore the cost of living in this city is also high. Tapas bars, restaurants and hotels are somewhat expensive compared to other Spanish cities (Spain is going through a difficult economic period, so prices are usually very convenient, especially for tourists).

If you have the opportunity to visit San Sebastian you should try their “Jamon Serrano“, which is a Spanish ham that melts as soon as you put in your mouth and it’s so good. Also try the “Solomillo” which is a very juicy meat (you can have an entire portion or just a tapa). San Sebastian also offer great fish dishes (I ate a “Bonito” fish seasoned with garlic, vinegar, olive oil and parsley (mmmmmm.. so, good!). Don’t forget to taste their local wines (Rioja), which are also very good.

In the next days, I’ll upload my San Sebastian Food photos.

Thank you for reading my silly blog and hope you like the pictures 😉

Have a wonderful day!

Que tengan un día muy especial !



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