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Next Stop: China

29 Sep

Remember I told you we were going to move a new country by the end of this year? Well, the country is China!

My husband and I were offered a great job with great benefits, so we couldn’t avoid the temptation of moving to a completely new country and continue our professional growth while discovering a new culture. Aside from the fact that we are super excited about this new work experience (I’ll be working in the marketing department), we are also eager to be part of China’s growth and learn new things.

I know very little about this culture and its history, so I’ll try to take in as much information as possible both by reading and by observing how people behave and interact. We’ll have to learn the language and the country’s costumes, how to behave and what to avoid. But good things always come with some sacrifice, and we’re sure that it will all be worth trying.

I’ll be moving in late december, so expect some pictures by January 😉

Hope you can follow me in this new adventure. It’s always nice to see people leaving comments or just reading my adventures; it’s always a great way to discover and follow other blogs… and it makes me happy!

This blog will probably become a journal, a place where I’ll be able to share all my experiences with my family and friends.

We and both our families are super excited about this new adventure. And our friends are happy they’ll be able to visit a new country (minus hotel/rent expenses) 😀

Have a wonderful day!

Que tengan un lindo dia!


Ready, Set, Fly!

18 Sep

Hi everyone!

I’m getting everything ready for my flight back home! I’m going to be in San Diego for three months, so I have to pack both summer and winter clothes, which is turning out to be very difficult. Now, that most airlines allow you to only check in one baggage, it’s very difficult to pack for three months, but I’ll do my best.

P.S. I have some good news to share with you, but I’ll write a special post to let you all know “where the wind is taking me now”. I have mixed emotions about this new destination, which in December will become my new “home”. I must think positive and see as an opportunity to share new pictures with all of you. I’ll tell you all in my next post.

Hope you are having a great time.

Venice, Italy

14 Sep

My best friend and I went to Venice yesterday. We were both very excited to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world together. The night before, we prepared some homemade “panini”, fruits and 2 water bottles, so we could save on food.

We took the train from Bergamo at around 8:30 a.m. By noon, we were already exploring the Venetian streets and admiring the gorgeous views. We were planning on staying in Venice for the entire afternoon, but the hot humid weather forced us to come back earlier, for we weren’t feeling very well. Fortunately, we managed to see all the main monuments and streets before we almost fainted due to the heat. And, we got to see the majestic Piazza San Marco, which is the main plaza.

I believe it is best to visit Venice during spring or even in fall. During summer, you got the Venice Film Festival going on, thousands of tourists and a very hot and humid weather, all together. So, try to avoid at least August and September, which are the most popular months here in Europe (in Italy you get the two middle weeks of August off). Besides, prices usually drop as tourism goes down. And if you pack your own food (which many do), you’ll save lots of money. I had to pay 3 euros (US$4) for small coca cola !

But, I must admit that regardless of the season, the crowds and the weather, Venice will forever be one of the most enchanting and romantic cities in the world.

Hope you have a wonderful day !

Going Back Home

14 Sep

Hi everyone!

After two years, I’m finally going back home to visit my family and friends. It’s been a long time, but unfortunely I hadn’t been able to travel for an extended period of time due to my work schedule.

I’m traveling from Milan to San Diego, Ca. (USA), and I’m also planning on visiting my closest friends in Tijuana (Mexico), so I’m very excited to share this long awaited reunion with all of you. I’m leaving next tuesday (september 20) and coming back in december, just before Christmas, so I can spend the holidays with my husband who’s going to stay here in Italy. I’m gonna miss him a lot!

PS. Later today I’m going to upload pictures from the beautiful Venice. I just came back yesterday. I promess I’ll get back on track and I’ll update my blog more often.

As always, have a wonderful day !