Next Stop: China

29 Sep

Remember I told you we were going to move a new country by the end of this year? Well, the country is China!

My husband and I were offered a great job with great benefits, so we couldn’t avoid the temptation of moving to a completely new country and continue our professional growth while discovering a new culture. Aside from the fact that we are super excited about this new work experience (I’ll be working in the marketing department), we are also eager to be part of China’s growth and learn new things.

I know very little about this culture and its history, so I’ll try to take in as much information as possible both by reading and by observing how people behave and interact. We’ll have to learn the language and the country’s costumes, how to behave and what to avoid. But good things always come with some sacrifice, and we’re sure that it will all be worth trying.

I’ll be moving in late december, so expect some pictures by January 😉

Hope you can follow me in this new adventure. It’s always nice to see people leaving comments or just reading my adventures; it’s always a great way to discover and follow other blogs… and it makes me happy!

This blog will probably become a journal, a place where I’ll be able to share all my experiences with my family and friends.

We and both our families are super excited about this new adventure. And our friends are happy they’ll be able to visit a new country (minus hotel/rent expenses) 😀

Have a wonderful day!

Que tengan un lindo dia!


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