18 Oct

Time passes so quickly! A month has already passed since I arrived to the always beautiful San Diego. I really miss Italy and my Sunday breakfast: brioche & caffe americano. I can’t quite explain what makes this combination the perfect Sunday morning breakfast; it really fill my tummy and my heart!

But for now, I’m indulging in other delicacies. I’ve always loved Italian an Mexican food, and since I can’t have the real Italian food right now, I’m indulging in my other favorite: typical and REAL Mexican food. One thing that I love about Mexican cuisine is that it’s so varied and every dish has its own unique taste. I always feel sorry for those that only know those greasy fast food “Mexican food” chains that have nothing to do with the real deal. I know that the further away you live from the border, the harder it gets to find a real Mexican restaurant, but you search for authentic ingredients and prepare something yourself. I know some dishes are very difficult to prepare, but since Mexican cuisine is so vast, you can choose one that appeals to you and that’s easy to make.

Here are two of my favorite foods: Chiles en Nogada and Fresh Lobster with Flour Tortillas and Rice. My parents have a house in Tijuana (Baja California), so we’re very close to the beach and to Puerto Nuevo in Rosarito Beach. Puerto Nuevo is very famous for its delicious lobsters and for its annual international lobster festival. So, I obviously had to get my lobster from Puerto Nuevo, which by the way, isn’t as expensive as other parts of the world. You get a medium size lobster for 20 dollars, plus a side of rice and beans (and non-stop flour tortillas, which are delicious).

The Chile en Nogada was a Mexican restaurant in Tijuana called La Diferencia. This dish is very elaborate, so I don’t suggest preparing it at home, but I do STRONGLY suggest trying it. The pomegranate on top of the pepper gives it a kick that not many people like. But that’s exactly why I love this dish.

The weather is changing here in sunny San Diego, but it’s still pretty mild. Hope you aren’t getting too cold and that you are having a good time wherever you are.

Have a wonderful day!

The number on the flag is the total number of Chiles en Nogada served since the “Chile en Nogada season” began back in March (basically since the pomegranate season began here in Mexico) and it ended last week (October 15th)


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