At Least I’ve Still Got My TV Shows

27 Jan

At Least I’ve Still Got My TV Shows

Living in China has been a great experience so far. I always say that you really start “learning” about the world once you start traveling.

Having said that, I do miss certain things, like having free access to information and websites. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs (such as this one), news sites, and even google searches have been “censored” here in China as a way to “filter” the information that comes into and out of the country.

So, I’ve found a few ways to get around this and be able to continue to post on this blog (picture posts only). When it comes to Tv shows, I still access Project-Free-Tv ( I really like this site because it has a pretty good selection of tv shows, so I recommend it to those who are far away from home.

I also like Soku ( and YouKu ( Soku is YouKu’s video search engine. Can you guess what YouKu is similar to? Yes, YouTube!

PS. I’m sorry I cannot insert the links to the websites’ I mentioned. I had to write the URL next to them because I have limited access to my blog. Hope they work 😉


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