Sunny Genova, Snowy Genova

22 Feb

Sunny Genova, Snowy Genova

Our initial plan was to go on a mini road trip that looked something like this:
Bergamo – Genova – Menton – Nice – Bergamo
and ended up being like this:
Bergamo – Genova (the aquarium to be exact)- Bergamo
When we arrived to Genova, the weather was so nice. Not too cold, not too windy, and lots of sunshine. Of course, we had seen the weather forecast and disregarded the “snow alert” because we thought it couldn’t be possible since the weather had been so nice the entire week (plus, weather reports in Italy aren’t exactly the most accurate 😉 )
Well, I guess you can see why we decided to go back to Bergamo the next day. To be honest, we were a bit afraid of driving with so much snow on the road.

Can’t complain though. The scenery was still pretty spectacular.

PS. I guess I won’t disregard weather reports anymore. Lesson learned!


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