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De Vuelta Por Aca (I’m Back)

23 Sep collage

Hello again! It’s been a while since I last posted something here, and this hiatus has been in great part due to me becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls. I’ve now made it a point to post as often as possible even if these might be shorter posts.

One of the reasons why I started this page was for me to exercise my English writing skills while I was living abroad and speaking little or no English at all (Italy and China), and this also happened during a time when “bloggers” all over the world were starting to share their views on fashion, tech, and other interesting and trending topics. I wanted to get on that train as well and be able to share my own experiences and thoughts on various and often very random things. I honestly never had a clear idea as to what I would be blogging about. I know that sounds very silly (hence the title of the blog) and contradictory to what a blog should be, but this was and continues to be the case. I know experienced bloggers might say that in order for a page to perform well and have legions of readers you should contribute/share something worthwhile and engaging, but honestly I just want to do it because I’d like to leave a trail of my random life experiences to which I can go back to in a few years from now that might make me cringe and laugh about when I read them out loud to my girls (if internet and this blog still exist by then!)

So, now you know what this page is about: randomness. In the meantime, I can truly say that I have lived a blessed life as you can judge from the picture here. I don’t have a fortune, nor have it all figured out in my life (actually I’m very far from that) but have all that I need to feel blessed and empowered to outperform myself each day both in my personal and professional life.

Thank you for reading – Bonito dia!