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Post Thanksgiving Sales

30 Nov

Hola! After Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here we are!

I stopped doing Black Friday ever since it became an extreme sport. I prefer Cyber Monday now, but I normally only purchase electronics such as TVs or a laptop.

Although I like to browse through the offers offered on Cyber Monday, I prefer to do most of my shopping at an actual store because I like to see and feel the items that I’m going to spend my money on. There are a few things that I prefer to buy at the store:

  • LIBROS. I like to collect books. They are like little trophies to me; little reminders that I did something good for myself. I also enjoy having a small library that I can share with my friends and my girls when they’re older. As old as I may sound, I love the look, feel, and smell of my books. It’s all part of the experience, which simply cannot be achieved with an eReader or an iPad. I could order my books online because there isn’t much that could go wrong with the purchase, but I prefer to browse through the different sections in a bookstore and will usually purchase a book out of impulse, depending on what I feel like reading at that particular time.
  • MUEBLES. I’m a picky online buyer when it comes to house decor or furniture items, but not so much when I’m at a brick and mortar store. I think this is because I’m able to see the quality, colors, and textures first hand, which is not the case with online shops. For the past couple months, I’ve visited many online shops such as Houzz, AllModern, Overstock, West Elm, trying to find a good deal on a TV set and an accent chair, but haven’t purchased anything yet! I know all their items on stock by now. We ended up purchasing a new sofa from West Elm because I couldn’t make up my mind about the more economical options online; it was too much of a risk for me (plus the return process could’ve been a complete headache).
  • PANTALONES. In my case, there’s no way that I can purchase any type of pants or jeans online, not even leggings. I’m also very picky with the way my pants need to look. I need to feel comfortable in them, but I also need to look slim in them – Which is like finding a unicorn! I read somewhere that pants are in fact the hardest items to sell online, and I think this might be one of the main reasons.

The one thing that I regret not getting last week was a new Nikon DSLR. Mine broke and I desperately need a new one, but don’t want to spend too much money on a bundle since I already have some of the lenses they normally offer when you purchase a camera. I’ve heard from other people that there are other times during the year (other than post Thanksgining sales) when Nikon and Canon cameras go on sale. Anyone know when this might be?

Thanks for reading and see you next time! Hasta la proxima 🙂



Dallas is Our New Home

9 Nov

Hola! This week is almost over, and I’m set and ready for a relaxing weekend ahead.

We moved to Dallas about 3 months ago and ever since we got here, we made it a point to venture out at least once a week to explore our neighborhood and learn about all the family friendly options available in our community, as well as in the Dallas downtown area. One of my favorite things to do here is to go for long walks and discover interesting places, cozy coffee shops, or just pretty neighborhoods with pretty houses to drool over. Doing this is pretty relaxing to me; it fuels my imagination and makes my creative side happy (I’m the epitome of a Pisces!)

To be honest, I initially was a bit hesitant on moving here as neither my husband nor I had ever been to anywhere in Texas. Surprisingly, when people started learning about our plans to relocate to Dallas, everyone was very eager to share their positive stories about the city and its suburbs, and how family friendly it all was.


I can’t tell you how much we are enjoying our time here. There are plenty of things to do for absolutely everyone. We can definitely tell that the pace of things is much slower here, but it never feels boring, nor do we feel like we are lacking stimuli. It’s definitely something new for my husband and I, since we’ve always been on the go due to both our careers and personal life.  I used to commute for an hour and 30 minutes in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, and it was brutal, especially after my girls were born and every minute away from them was agonizing. So, as you can imagine, the slower pace is something that I’m very much embracing with all my might! Another thing to be said about people here is that they actually make an effort to strike a conversation with you, regardless of the subject or the place. This is also something new to me as I’m not used to striking more than a couple polite words or sentences with a stranger before I start feeling like I’m taking too much of their time.

Overall and so far, our experience has been very positive. One thing that I’ve learned throughout my years living abroad is that when you are tolerant towards others, carry yourself with respect, and are able to look at the bright side of things even when there’s no evident bright side, your experiences tend to be far more positive. This was true for us when we first moved to Italy as newlyweds and weren’t earning as much money as we would’ve liked to, and it was true when we were living in China and had to adapt to many cultural differences that didn’t come “naturally” to us, plus had to deal with the huge language barrier. I think this will remain true regardless of where you are, and it’s something that our world is begging for right now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and bright weekend!!

Hasta pronto!