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Tapas on a Hot Shanghainese Night

28 May

Last Wednesday my husband and I were craving some serious Jamon Serrano (Spanish Ham) and Pinchos (a kind of tapas). We have some beautiful and fun memories from all our trips to Spain, but my favorite ones usually involve some kind of gastronomic action 😉

Jamon y queso

Well, since we were in Shanghai for a couple of days, we wanted to eat as much good food as our bodies could handle before coming back to Taizhou and resuming our rice and vegetables diet. It was a painful task but one that had to be done if we wanted to survive until our next visit to Shanghai 😉 The result 4 lbs. of extra baggage (not in the right places, as usual!) and a very happy tummy.


There are several Spanish restaurants in Shanghai, but I’ve only been to a couple of them: El Willy and La Finca.

El Willy is more of an upscale tapas restaurant, although their website’s “feel” suggests differently (it’s a pretty cool website). It’s located on the Bund, and has a spectacular view of the skyscrapers in Pudong and the Huangpu river. The food is good, especially all the seafood dishes and their amazing black rice paella. The only tapa I didn’t enjoy much was their Patatas Bravas, for they had too much cream/mayo (not sure what it was). I prefer my Patatas Bravas very bravas ;). Overall, El Willy delivers delicious traditional dishes with a twist.

La Finca one the other hand, is a more simple restaurant, nothing too opulent. I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from this restaurant in Xintiandi, but their simple Tortilla Española and shrimps with garlic and spicy sauce were delicious. We also ordered some Jamon, but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting, for the meat was a bit tasteless. Their terrace is small but quite welcoming, especially during these hot Shanghai nights!



Have a great one!


Some Blogs I Like

23 May

It’s been a while since my last entry. I finally managed to get the issue fixed, so I will be able to post more often now 🙂

Last time I wrote about the Liebster Award that the lovely Monique from A Reel Chick, so kindly nominated me for (Thanks Monique!). As part of this activity I had to answer Monique’s 11 questions, nominate another 11 blogs/bloggers with less than 200 followers, write 11 random facts about myself and create a list of 11 fresh questions for my nominees to answer.

Well, I answered Monique’s questions and shared 11 random facts about myself. You can see the first part of my award acceptance here!

Now, I will share with all of you my newly nominated bloggers/blogs and my list of 11 questions for them to answer.

Let’s start with the wonderful blogs!!


1) When Judit Bakes… Bread and Better… And When She Bakes Some More
2) Dushonok
4) The Posh Dish
6) Serendipity Musings
7) Salt&Paper
8) The Pippin Girl
9) More Fun With Ems
10) I Heart Sweet Peas
11) What Katya Does


Now, here are my 11 questions for you to answer

1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Where do you find inspiration?
3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
4. How would you best describe your style?
5. 3 places you would like to visit
6. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
7. What are your favorite dishes / food?
8. What kind of music are you listening to lately?
9. Which qualities do you believe every human being should possess?
10. Which has been the best advice you have ever received and which one do you like giving out the most?
11. If you were ever interviewed by a professional reporter, which question would you like to be asked? (it can be on any topic)

Now, this award is somewhat of a peer to peer award, which I think is actually cooler because it helps spread all the LOVE among all of us bloggers 😉

So, here’s what you need to do if you decide to accept this award.
Dedicate one blog entry with the following:
1) Nominate another 11 awesome blogs with less than 200 followers (this is to support and encourage each other)
2) Create a list of 11 questions for them to answer
3) Answer my 11 questions
4) And finally, share 11 random facts about yourself
5) Please don’t forget to give a shot out to the blogger who nominated you, me 😉 (thanks in advanced)

You will need to notify your nominees about the award, and they should follow the same steps should they decide to accept the award.

You can also visit Monique’s blog to see how she did it.

This is just a nice way to pay it forward and support each other. If anyone says thanks, but no thanks, it’s totally fine. No pressure. This should be enjoyable and not a shore 😉

PS. Here’s a little reminder 😉 Sometimes things can be a bit challenging, but in the end it is always worth it if it’s what you really love doing. Have a great one!

little reminder


Liebster Award: Pay It Forward

20 Apr

Liebster Award: Pay It Forward

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my blog lately. As you may know, wordpress is one of the many sites that China has blocked in recent years. I’ve been able to continue posting thanks to a paid service that allows me access some of these censored sites, but lately it hasn’t been doing its job (I’m still waiting for their reply on this matter). So, this is why I need to split this post in 2. Last week I found I got nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Monique from A Reel Chick. This award consists on answering some questions, sharing random facts about me, passing the good vibe on to other bloggers, and creating a new list of questions for the newly nominated bloggers to answer. The thing is, I can’t look at my list of favorite blogs nor find new ones at the moment due to my current technical situation. So, I will start with what I can do, which is answer the questions and let you know a bit about myself. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get this issue resolved soon and post the 2nd part soon (blogs I like plus the questions)

I’ve done a bit of research on this award and, although there isn’t much information on how the award originated, it seems that it is something started out by bloggers and passed on to other bloggers. I think this is actually better than an “official” award! It is more of a peer to peer support system, which I find it to be beautiful. In a time where we all strive to be better, stronger, lovelier, etc., it is nice to every now and then turn our eyes towards other people and let them know how cool they are 🙂

So, I think this is a great way to get to know each other and for you to discover other blogs.
So here we go.

This are the 11 questions that Monique from A Reel Chick asked us to answer:
1. Honey bees, Honey Boo Boo or Honey Badger?
Honey Badger!
2. Would you rather have the ability to be invisible or fly?
Fly. Free travel for life!
3. Which reality show would you most want to be on: Top Chef, The Bachelor/Bachelorette or Survivor?
Top Chef as a judge though, so I could enjoy all the dishes. And Survivor soon after, to get me back to my pre Top Chef weight.
4. Your favorite Romantic Comedy?
I have so many! The Notebook, The Five-Year Engagement, No Reservations. I like movies that have some traveling and cooking involved in the plot 🙂
5. For dessert: sweet & chocolatey or tangy & lemony?
I usually crave something hot chocolate with marshmallows during winter and lemony desserts in the summer.
6. Morning person or night owl?
Morning person
7. Favorite cheese?
I’m crazy about cheese. I love Grana Padano, Provolone, Mozarella di Buffala (Italian); Queso Panela, Asadero, Oaxaca (Mexican); and of course, string cheese 🙂
8. Dogs or Cats?
Dogs. I had a Great Dane called Banjo for more than 10 years. He was one of the most beautiful and elegant dogs I’ve ever seen.
9. London, Paris, Tokyo or New York?
Sadly, I’ve never been to any of these wonderful cities, but I will visit them someday. I would love to start off by visiting Paris: wine, bread, cheese, and then macaroons for desert!
10. Fashion item or style you would most like to see come back?
I like the boho chic style from the 70’s, but it has already made its comeback. I love wearing flowers in my hair in the summertime.
11. Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello?
Elvis Presley. I love “(I can’t help) falling in love with you”

And these are the 11 random facts about me
1. I’m quite an introvert person, but love being around positive people.
2. I grew up in San Diego (USA) and in Tijuana (Mexico), so I have friends on both sides of the border 😉
3. I went to a Catholic elementary school, and when I was in 4th grade, my teacher (a nun) considered me a good candidate to becoming a future nun.
4. I’m a visual person. I need visual stimulation in order for me to really grasp an idea.
5. I’m afraid of elevators, UFO’s, darkness, spirits. And this is the reason why I haven’t watched a scary movie in the last 5 years!
6. I love flowers. I think they bring a positive vibe to any room.
7. I got hit by a car, was hospitalized for 4 days, lost 12lbs. in one week due to a severe flu; all during my first year living in Italy.
8. I love coffee. As soon as I get up I must have come caffeine otherwise I get a headache. I know, it’s a bad habit, but I really enjoy drinking coffee.
9. One day I will do one of the “Camino de Santiago” routes.
10. I love going on road trips.
11. Things I dislike: disrespect, dishonesty, negativity, bullying and bashing, intolerance, discrimination and racism. I strongly believe the world be a better place if we were a little bit more respectful, tolerant and tried to see the glass half full 🙂

I will post my favorite blogs as soon as get the matter resolved.
Maybe you can suggest some new ones 🙂

So, Are You Loving What You’re Doing?

29 Mar

I recently came across this video and thought was worth sharing. I know this question is a bit silly and has been asked way too many times before, but really, do we love what we do for a living?

I think this video strikes a cord with me because I’m going through a process right now. I’m thinking (together with my husband) of starting my own business in China, which scares me quite a lot! But I know that if I don’t do it now, I might never have a second chance at it.
As I always tell my husband, I want to leave this world knowing that I sqeezed the last drop out of it.

I’m pisces, so I’m a heavy dreamer. This is good because I can be very creative and sort of visualize what I want to do, but as a good pisces, I’m also fearful of exposing myself too much and taking big risks. This whole China adventure has been very challenging and gratifying at the same time. I see opportunities and barriers each day, but it makes it all more interesting.

Hope you enjoy the video, and most importantly, hope you enjoy your life with all its ups and downs 🙂
Wish you a lovely day!


Lunch by Myself

21 Mar

Lunch by Myself

I haven’t posted anything for a while because I really didn’t have much to say or show. Due to some work related issues, I haven’t been able to travel and hence, have found myself lacking creativity for my posts.
When I first started this blog I was working in an advertising agency taking care of “online” projects (websites, banners, Google AdWords, etc.) and wanted to learn more about having a blog and challenge myself by commiting to one.
The challenge hasn’t been to take care of my blog, but rather exposing myself a tiny bit more than what I’m comfortable with (which is good) and trying to find interesting or worthy things to share with other fellow bloggers.
So, today, while I was preparing my lunch I realized that I’m in country where I still can’t speak the language, making my own loaf of bread from scratch because I can never find any in this town, drinking a glass of wine imported from Chile that I found in a local wine shop (which is the first wine I ever tasted 10 years ago!) and therefore, there must be something interesting to talk about. I just need to stop being lazy.
This is part of my first challenge: committing to it.
I guess that the important thing is to make it enjoyable so other can enjoy it as well, otherwise everything will just be dull and boring.
being honest is always (usually) the best option 🙂
PS. I’m still searching for good wine glasses. As you can see I was drinking from a champagne flute. No bueno.

Advice Needed: Nikon or Canon

22 Nov

I know that many of you, bloggers/blog readers are camera experts, or at least are less clueless than me. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the matter, but I find it difficult to choose one over the other, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to the “top rated” DSLR makers: Nikon and Canon.

Now, I really need your help. I’ve been saving for the “Black Friday” sales, so I could get a good camera for a reasonable price (around US $600). I have a small Canon, but the image resolution isn’t the best. Most of my friends own Canons, and they are very happy with both the resolution and the ease of use, but those who own Nikons claim that Nikon cameras are sleaker and aren’t as noisy as the Canon cameras. I’ve done the Best Buy camera comparison, too.

But I think it is best to ask you, as users, for your own opinion/experience with these two brands. I’ll be moving to Taizhou (China) next month, and I would like to take my DSLR with me (they’re a bit more expensive over there).

Thanks guys.

Next Stop: China

29 Sep

Remember I told you we were going to move a new country by the end of this year? Well, the country is China!

My husband and I were offered a great job with great benefits, so we couldn’t avoid the temptation of moving to a completely new country and continue our professional growth while discovering a new culture. Aside from the fact that we are super excited about this new work experience (I’ll be working in the marketing department), we are also eager to be part of China’s growth and learn new things.

I know very little about this culture and its history, so I’ll try to take in as much information as possible both by reading and by observing how people behave and interact. We’ll have to learn the language and the country’s costumes, how to behave and what to avoid. But good things always come with some sacrifice, and we’re sure that it will all be worth trying.

I’ll be moving in late december, so expect some pictures by January 😉

Hope you can follow me in this new adventure. It’s always nice to see people leaving comments or just reading my adventures; it’s always a great way to discover and follow other blogs… and it makes me happy!

This blog will probably become a journal, a place where I’ll be able to share all my experiences with my family and friends.

We and both our families are super excited about this new adventure. And our friends are happy they’ll be able to visit a new country (minus hotel/rent expenses) 😀

Have a wonderful day!

Que tengan un lindo dia!