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Dance For Us

14 Jun

It’s been a pretty hectic week, but we’ve made it!

I was in Shanghai for a couple of days and came back just in time for our very first Chinese wedding in Yuhuan. Both my husband and I felt honored to be invited to such an intimate event. We had lots of fun and we ate like there was no tomorrow! Everything was going well until the MC called us to come to the stage to perform some kind of dance in honor of the new couple… how can you refuse when they are all expecting you to do it IN HONOR of the newly married couple! Long story short, we ended up dancing to Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style. Epic Fail!


Anyways, the wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom looked very happy.

alice and neyo

Have a great one!


A Mexican Wedding

3 Oct

Yesterday was my best friend’s wedding. The fairy tale took place in Tijuana, a city considered to be anything but romantic. My husband and I also got married in Tijuana because both are families used to live there and you can find beautiful locations for a fair price.

Let me tell you a few things about Mexican weddings. For one, you drink a lot and hence you dance a lot! Yesterday’s wedding was no different. My friends and I (we were all bridesmaids) wore beautiful lady-like hot pink dresses. Since I usually don’t wear this color, I went for a bolder make up. The bride looked gorgeous and the groom couldn’t be any more proud of his soon to be wife.

As soon as the bride and groom arrived at the restaurant, they danced to their favorite song: Contigo en la Distancia (my husband and I danced to this song on our wedding day, too). Right after this song came another one (which I can’t remember), and the couple danced with both their parents; first with her parents and then with his parents.

We then ate chicken breast with some kind of mushroom sauce (it was so good!) and fettuccine. And for dessert we had some chocolate covered strawberries!

We ate a lot and we danced for hours, like maniacs!

In Mexican weddings, you first greet everyone, take some pictures (while you still “look” sober) and then you eat. After all this, then you start dancing and it doesn’t stop until they kicks you out from the reception/restaurant (or usually around 2:00 a.m.) And they start handing you the drinks as soon as you arrive to the party (so you can get it started 😉

If you are ever invited to a Mexican wedding, be prepared to drink and dance a lot… and to have lots of fun!