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A New Team Member

14 Oct

A New Team Member

I wanted to take some time off to focus on one very important thing: MY BABY!!
After years of being solo travelers, my husband and I decided it was time for us to add another member to our team. A girl to be precise 🙂
I’m sure it’ll be quite an adventure since we are planning on having our baby girl here in China!
But, then again, life itself is an adventure, right?!
Have a great one, everyone!


So, Are You Loving What You’re Doing?

29 Mar

I recently came across this video and thought was worth sharing. I know this question is a bit silly and has been asked way too many times before, but really, do we love what we do for a living?

I think this video strikes a cord with me because I’m going through a process right now. I’m thinking (together with my husband) of starting my own business in China, which scares me quite a lot! But I know that if I don’t do it now, I might never have a second chance at it.
As I always tell my husband, I want to leave this world knowing that I sqeezed the last drop out of it.

I’m pisces, so I’m a heavy dreamer. This is good because I can be very creative and sort of visualize what I want to do, but as a good pisces, I’m also fearful of exposing myself too much and taking big risks. This whole China adventure has been very challenging and gratifying at the same time. I see opportunities and barriers each day, but it makes it all more interesting.

Hope you enjoy the video, and most importantly, hope you enjoy your life with all its ups and downs 🙂
Wish you a lovely day!