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Liebster Award: Pay It Forward

20 Apr

Liebster Award: Pay It Forward

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my blog lately. As you may know, wordpress is one of the many sites that China has blocked in recent years. I’ve been able to continue posting thanks to a paid service that allows me access some of these censored sites, but lately it hasn’t been doing its job (I’m still waiting for their reply on this matter). So, this is why I need to split this post in 2. Last week I found I got nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Monique from A Reel Chick. This award consists on answering some questions, sharing random facts about me, passing the good vibe on to other bloggers, and creating a new list of questions for the newly nominated bloggers to answer. The thing is, I can’t look at my list of favorite blogs nor find new ones at the moment due to my current technical situation. So, I will start with what I can do, which is answer the questions and let you know a bit about myself. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get this issue resolved soon and post the 2nd part soon (blogs I like plus the questions)

I’ve done a bit of research on this award and, although there isn’t much information on how the award originated, it seems that it is something started out by bloggers and passed on to other bloggers. I think this is actually better than an “official” award! It is more of a peer to peer support system, which I find it to be beautiful. In a time where we all strive to be better, stronger, lovelier, etc., it is nice to every now and then turn our eyes towards other people and let them know how cool they are 🙂

So, I think this is a great way to get to know each other and for you to discover other blogs.
So here we go.

This are the 11 questions that Monique from A Reel Chick asked us to answer:
1. Honey bees, Honey Boo Boo or Honey Badger?
Honey Badger!
2. Would you rather have the ability to be invisible or fly?
Fly. Free travel for life!
3. Which reality show would you most want to be on: Top Chef, The Bachelor/Bachelorette or Survivor?
Top Chef as a judge though, so I could enjoy all the dishes. And Survivor soon after, to get me back to my pre Top Chef weight.
4. Your favorite Romantic Comedy?
I have so many! The Notebook, The Five-Year Engagement, No Reservations. I like movies that have some traveling and cooking involved in the plot 🙂
5. For dessert: sweet & chocolatey or tangy & lemony?
I usually crave something hot chocolate with marshmallows during winter and lemony desserts in the summer.
6. Morning person or night owl?
Morning person
7. Favorite cheese?
I’m crazy about cheese. I love Grana Padano, Provolone, Mozarella di Buffala (Italian); Queso Panela, Asadero, Oaxaca (Mexican); and of course, string cheese 🙂
8. Dogs or Cats?
Dogs. I had a Great Dane called Banjo for more than 10 years. He was one of the most beautiful and elegant dogs I’ve ever seen.
9. London, Paris, Tokyo or New York?
Sadly, I’ve never been to any of these wonderful cities, but I will visit them someday. I would love to start off by visiting Paris: wine, bread, cheese, and then macaroons for desert!
10. Fashion item or style you would most like to see come back?
I like the boho chic style from the 70’s, but it has already made its comeback. I love wearing flowers in my hair in the summertime.
11. Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello?
Elvis Presley. I love “(I can’t help) falling in love with you”

And these are the 11 random facts about me
1. I’m quite an introvert person, but love being around positive people.
2. I grew up in San Diego (USA) and in Tijuana (Mexico), so I have friends on both sides of the border 😉
3. I went to a Catholic elementary school, and when I was in 4th grade, my teacher (a nun) considered me a good candidate to becoming a future nun.
4. I’m a visual person. I need visual stimulation in order for me to really grasp an idea.
5. I’m afraid of elevators, UFO’s, darkness, spirits. And this is the reason why I haven’t watched a scary movie in the last 5 years!
6. I love flowers. I think they bring a positive vibe to any room.
7. I got hit by a car, was hospitalized for 4 days, lost 12lbs. in one week due to a severe flu; all during my first year living in Italy.
8. I love coffee. As soon as I get up I must have come caffeine otherwise I get a headache. I know, it’s a bad habit, but I really enjoy drinking coffee.
9. One day I will do one of the “Camino de Santiago” routes.
10. I love going on road trips.
11. Things I dislike: disrespect, dishonesty, negativity, bullying and bashing, intolerance, discrimination and racism. I strongly believe the world be a better place if we were a little bit more respectful, tolerant and tried to see the glass half full 🙂

I will post my favorite blogs as soon as get the matter resolved.
Maybe you can suggest some new ones 🙂


My Recent Craving

10 Apr

My Recent Craving

About a month ago we went to one of my favorite restaurants in Shanghai: Maya.

Maya is one of the three Mexican restaurants I usually go to whenever I crave guacamole and chips (which is ALWAYS!). The other 2 restaurants serve really good authentic Mexican food, but their guacamole isn’t as good as Maya’s.

I grew up in a house where fresh Mexican food was prepared every day (don’t hate me for this 😉 ) so I know what Mexican food tastes like. Maya’s dishes are very delicious, but I consider them more like “fusion” food/cuisine. They alter the core dishes in Mexican cuisine and add their own personal touch.

Since I haven’t been to Shanghai in a while, I’ve been deprived of my favorite food for almost a month now. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any avocados in town, so I can’t prepare any guacamole :(. But one of the wonderful things about Mexican cuisine is that you can create so many dishes starting from the same basic ingredients: tomatoes, chile serrano, onions, garlic, pepper, coriander, etc.

Another good thing is that I can find all the above in most local markets here in Taizhou. I think I’ll try to do my own homemade Mexican food and see if I can finally satisfy my cravings 🙂

PS.: in case you’re interested in learning more about the restaurants I was talking about, here are the links to:
TEOTIHUACAN apparently doesn’t have an active website 😦


La Unica

16 Jan

La Unica

I’ve always been a fan of Frida Kahlo. She’s one of my style icons, for she wasn’t afraid to express who she was through clothes, jewelry and flowers. her paintings express her life and even her photos show what a powerful lady she was. Granted, she wasn’t your typical beauty, but she was truly majestic in many other ways. A very smart lady who took her suffering and misfortune and transformed it all into art and beauty

A Mexican Wedding

3 Oct

Yesterday was my best friend’s wedding. The fairy tale took place in Tijuana, a city considered to be anything but romantic. My husband and I also got married in Tijuana because both are families used to live there and you can find beautiful locations for a fair price.

Let me tell you a few things about Mexican weddings. For one, you drink a lot and hence you dance a lot! Yesterday’s wedding was no different. My friends and I (we were all bridesmaids) wore beautiful lady-like hot pink dresses. Since I usually don’t wear this color, I went for a bolder make up. The bride looked gorgeous and the groom couldn’t be any more proud of his soon to be wife.

As soon as the bride and groom arrived at the restaurant, they danced to their favorite song: Contigo en la Distancia (my husband and I danced to this song on our wedding day, too). Right after this song came another one (which I can’t remember), and the couple danced with both their parents; first with her parents and then with his parents.

We then ate chicken breast with some kind of mushroom sauce (it was so good!) and fettuccine. And for dessert we had some chocolate covered strawberries!

We ate a lot and we danced for hours, like maniacs!

In Mexican weddings, you first greet everyone, take some pictures (while you still “look” sober) and then you eat. After all this, then you start dancing and it doesn’t stop until they kicks you out from the reception/restaurant (or usually around 2:00 a.m.) And they start handing you the drinks as soon as you arrive to the party (so you can get it started 😉

If you are ever invited to a Mexican wedding, be prepared to drink and dance a lot… and to have lots of fun!

Going Back Home

14 Sep

Hi everyone!

After two years, I’m finally going back home to visit my family and friends. It’s been a long time, but unfortunely I hadn’t been able to travel for an extended period of time due to my work schedule.

I’m traveling from Milan to San Diego, Ca. (USA), and I’m also planning on visiting my closest friends in Tijuana (Mexico), so I’m very excited to share this long awaited reunion with all of you. I’m leaving next tuesday (september 20) and coming back in december, just before Christmas, so I can spend the holidays with my husband who’s going to stay here in Italy. I’m gonna miss him a lot!

PS. Later today I’m going to upload pictures from the beautiful Venice. I just came back yesterday. I promess I’ll get back on track and I’ll update my blog more often.

As always, have a wonderful day !