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A New Team Member

14 Oct

A New Team Member

I wanted to take some time off to focus on one very important thing: MY BABY!!
After years of being solo travelers, my husband and I decided it was time for us to add another member to our team. A girl to be precise 🙂
I’m sure it’ll be quite an adventure since we are planning on having our baby girl here in China!
But, then again, life itself is an adventure, right?!
Have a great one, everyone!


Dance For Us

14 Jun

It’s been a pretty hectic week, but we’ve made it!

I was in Shanghai for a couple of days and came back just in time for our very first Chinese wedding in Yuhuan. Both my husband and I felt honored to be invited to such an intimate event. We had lots of fun and we ate like there was no tomorrow! Everything was going well until the MC called us to come to the stage to perform some kind of dance in honor of the new couple… how can you refuse when they are all expecting you to do it IN HONOR of the newly married couple! Long story short, we ended up dancing to Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style. Epic Fail!


Anyways, the wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom looked very happy.

alice and neyo

Have a great one!


Lunch by Myself

21 Mar

Lunch by Myself

I haven’t posted anything for a while because I really didn’t have much to say or show. Due to some work related issues, I haven’t been able to travel and hence, have found myself lacking creativity for my posts.
When I first started this blog I was working in an advertising agency taking care of “online” projects (websites, banners, Google AdWords, etc.) and wanted to learn more about having a blog and challenge myself by commiting to one.
The challenge hasn’t been to take care of my blog, but rather exposing myself a tiny bit more than what I’m comfortable with (which is good) and trying to find interesting or worthy things to share with other fellow bloggers.
So, today, while I was preparing my lunch I realized that I’m in country where I still can’t speak the language, making my own loaf of bread from scratch because I can never find any in this town, drinking a glass of wine imported from Chile that I found in a local wine shop (which is the first wine I ever tasted 10 years ago!) and therefore, there must be something interesting to talk about. I just need to stop being lazy.
This is part of my first challenge: committing to it.
I guess that the important thing is to make it enjoyable so other can enjoy it as well, otherwise everything will just be dull and boring.
being honest is always (usually) the best option 🙂
PS. I’m still searching for good wine glasses. As you can see I was drinking from a champagne flute. No bueno.


Lantern Day

25 Feb

Lantern Day