Dallas is Our New Home

9 Nov

Hola! This week is almost over, and I’m set and ready for a relaxing weekend ahead.

We moved to Dallas about 3 months ago and ever since we got here, we made it a point to venture out at least once a week to explore our neighborhood and learn about all the family friendly options available in our community, as well as in the Dallas downtown area. One of my favorite things to do here is to go for long walks and discover interesting places, cozy coffee shops, or just pretty neighborhoods with pretty houses to drool over. Doing this is pretty relaxing to me; it fuels my imagination and makes my creative side happy (I’m the epitome of a Pisces!)

To be honest, I initially was a bit hesitant on moving here as neither my husband nor I had ever been to anywhere in Texas. Surprisingly, when people started learning about our plans to relocate to Dallas, everyone was very eager to share their positive stories about the city and its suburbs, and how family friendly it all was.


I can’t tell you how much we are enjoying our time here. There are plenty of things to do for absolutely everyone. We can definitely tell that the pace of things is much slower here, but it never feels boring, nor do we feel like we are lacking stimuli. It’s definitely something new for my husband and I, since we’ve always been on the go due to both our careers and personal life.Β  I used to commute for an hour and 30 minutes in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, and it was brutal, especially after my girls were born and every minute away from them was agonizing. So, as you can imagine, the slower pace is something that I’m very much embracing with all my might! Another thing to be said about people here is that they actually make an effort to strike a conversation with you, regardless of the subject or the place. This is also something new to me as I’m not used to striking more than a couple polite words or sentences with a stranger before I start feeling like I’m taking too much of their time.

Overall and so far, our experience has been very positive. One thing that I’ve learned throughout my years living abroad is that when you are tolerant towards others,Β carry yourself with respect, and are able to look at the bright side of things even when there’s no evident bright side, your experiences tend to be far more positive. This was true for us when we first moved to Italy as newlyweds and weren’t earning as much money as we would’ve liked to, and it was true when we were living in China and had to adapt to many cultural differences that didn’t come “naturally” to us, plus had to deal with the huge language barrier. I think this will remain true regardless of where you are, and it’s something that our world is begging for right now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and bright weekend!!

Hasta pronto!








De Vuelta Por Aca (I’m Back)

23 Sep collage

Hello again! It’s been a while since I last posted something here, and this hiatus has been in great part due to me becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls. I’ve now made it a point to post as often as possible even if these might be shorter posts.

One of the reasons why I started this page was for me to exercise my English writing skills while I was living abroad and speaking little or no English at all (Italy and China), and this also happened during a time when “bloggers” all over the world were starting to share their views on fashion, tech, and other interesting and trending topics. I wanted to get on that train as well and be able to share my own experiences and thoughts on various and often very random things. I honestly never had a clear idea as to what I would be blogging about. I know that sounds very silly (hence the title of the blog) and contradictory to what a blog should be, but this was and continues to be the case. I know experienced bloggers might say that in order for a page to perform well and have legions of readers you should contribute/share something worthwhile and engaging, but honestly I just want to do it because I’d like to leave a trail of my random life experiences to which I can go back to in a few years from now that might make me cringe and laugh about when I read them out loud to my girls (if internet and this blog still exist by then!)

So, now you know what this page is about: randomness. In the meantime, I can truly say that I have lived a blessed life as you can judge from the picture here. I don’t have a fortune, nor have it all figured out in my life (actually I’m very far from that) but have all that I need to feel blessed and empowered to outperform myself each day both in my personal and professional life.

Thank you for reading – Bonito dia!



A New Team Member

14 Oct

A New Team Member

I wanted to take some time off to focus on one very important thing: MY BABY!!
After years of being solo travelers, my husband and I decided it was time for us to add another member to our team. A girl to be precise πŸ™‚
I’m sure it’ll be quite an adventure since we are planning on having our baby girl here in China!
But, then again, life itself is an adventure, right?!
Have a great one, everyone!

Dance For Us

14 Jun

It’s been a pretty hectic week, but we’ve made it!

I was in Shanghai for a couple of days and came back just in time for our very first Chinese wedding in Yuhuan. Both my husband and I felt honored to be invited to such an intimate event. We had lots of fun and we ate like there was no tomorrow! Everything was going well until the MC called us to come to the stage to perform some kind of dance in honor of the new couple… how can you refuse when they are all expecting you to do it IN HONOR of the newly married couple! Long story short, we ended up dancing to Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style. Epic Fail!


Anyways, the wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom looked very happy.

alice and neyo

Have a great one!

Dumpling Obsession

31 May

There are several foods that I just can’t live without. One if them being Guacamole, which you probably know by now since I mention it in every other post!
But now I’m adding a new entry to my list: dumplings.

dumpling collage
I still haven’t figured out what makes them so irresistible to my taste buds. I guess it’s the combination of different flavors without ever being overwhelming.

This obsession of mine took me to a restaurant in Shanghai that everyone praised for having the best dumplings in the city: Din Tai Fung.

dumplings in shanghai
Din Tai Fung is a Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant chain with several restaurants around the world, including the US and Australia. According to their website “The New York Times selected Din Tai Fung as one of the top ten restaurants in the world

They have several locations in Shanghai, but I visited the one in Xintiandi.

spicy dumplings

Although I’m no expert, I can humbly say that these dumplings really live up to their hype. They are light and full of flavor, never overwhelming. It’s like a subtle explosion of flavors.

shrimp dumpling

Tapas on a Hot Shanghainese Night

28 May

Last Wednesday my husband and I were craving some serious Jamon Serrano (Spanish Ham) and Pinchos (a kind of tapas). We have some beautiful and fun memories from all our trips to Spain, but my favorite ones usually involve some kind of gastronomic action πŸ˜‰

Jamon y queso

Well, since we were in Shanghai for a couple of days, we wanted to eat as much good food as our bodies could handle before coming back to Taizhou and resuming our rice and vegetables diet. It was a painful task but one that had to be done if we wanted to survive until our next visit to Shanghai πŸ˜‰ The result 4 lbs. of extra baggage (not in the right places, as usual!) and a very happy tummy.


There are several Spanish restaurants in Shanghai, but I’ve only been to a couple of them: El Willy and La Finca.

El Willy is more of an upscale tapas restaurant, although their website’s “feel” suggests differently (it’s a pretty cool website). It’s located on the Bund, and has a spectacular view of the skyscrapers in Pudong and the Huangpu river. The food is good, especially all the seafood dishes and their amazing black rice paella. The only tapa I didn’t enjoy much was their Patatas Bravas, for they had too much cream/mayo (not sure what it was). I prefer my Patatas Bravas very bravas ;). Overall, El Willy delivers delicious traditional dishes with a twist.

La Finca one the other hand, is a more simple restaurant, nothing too opulent. I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from this restaurant in Xintiandi, but their simple Tortilla EspaΓ±ola and shrimps with garlic and spicy sauce were delicious. We also ordered some Jamon, but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting, for the meat was a bit tasteless. Their terrace is small but quite welcoming, especially during these hot Shanghai nights!



Have a great one!

Some Blogs I Like

23 May

It’s been a while since my last entry. I finally managed to get the issue fixed, so I will be able to post more often now πŸ™‚

Last time I wrote about the Liebster Award that the lovely Monique from A Reel Chick, so kindly nominated me for (Thanks Monique!). As part of this activity I had to answer Monique’s 11 questions, nominate another 11 blogs/bloggers with less than 200 followers, write 11 random facts about myself and create a list of 11 fresh questions for my nominees to answer.

Well, I answered Monique’s questions and shared 11 random facts about myself. You can see the first part of my award acceptance here!

Now, I will share with all of you my newly nominated bloggers/blogs and my list of 11 questions for them to answer.

Let’s start with the wonderful blogs!!


1) When Judit Bakes… Bread and Better… And When She Bakes Some More
2) Dushonok
4) The Posh Dish
6) Serendipity Musings
7) Salt&Paper
8) The Pippin Girl
9) More Fun With Ems
10) I Heart Sweet Peas
11) What Katya Does


Now, here are my 11 questions for you to answer

1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Where do you find inspiration?
3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
4. How would you best describe your style?
5. 3 places you would like to visit
6. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
7. What are your favorite dishes / food?
8. What kind of music are you listening to lately?
9. Which qualities do you believe every human being should possess?
10. Which has been the best advice you have ever received and which one do you like giving out the most?
11. If you were ever interviewed by a professional reporter, which question would you like to be asked? (it can be on any topic)

Now, this award is somewhat of a peer to peer award, which I think is actually cooler because it helps spread all the LOVE among all of us bloggers πŸ˜‰

So, here’s what you need to do if you decide to accept this award.
Dedicate one blog entry with the following:
1) Nominate another 11 awesome blogs with less than 200 followers (this is to support and encourage each other)
2) Create a list of 11 questions for them to answer
3) Answer my 11 questions
4) And finally, share 11 random facts about yourself
5) Please don’t forget to give a shot out to the blogger who nominated you, me πŸ˜‰ (thanks in advanced)

You will need to notify your nominees about the award, and they should follow the same steps should they decide to accept the award.

You can also visit Monique’s blog to see how she did it.

This is just a nice way to pay it forward and support each other. If anyone says thanks, but no thanks, it’s totally fine. No pressure. This should be enjoyable and not a shore πŸ˜‰

PS. Here’s a little reminder πŸ˜‰ Sometimes things can be a bit challenging, but in the end it is always worth it if it’s what you really love doing. Have a great one!

little reminder